The Club operates several leagues serving various levels of play.

(Fun entry level leagues)

Monday Evening Charity League- Teams play about seven times in a season every third week or so with some complimentary lessons at the start of the season. Great for employee groups. 

Monday Morning Open League- which is open to all players.

Friday Evening Social League- Two separate eight week sessions  (Oct-Dec) and (Jan-March)

(Semi-Competitive leagues)

Senior Day League- plays Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday mornings giving  players the choice of days.

(Competitive leagues) 

Thursday Evening Mixed League- offers up with 16 -18 weeks of curling.

Wednesday (Men) & Thursday (Women) Evening Leagues- offer a full fixture of 22 weeks including playoffs.

                           LEAGUE CONTACTS:

(Monday) OPEN Brenda Sims & Don Dorosh: jsims2@shaw.ca   or dondorosh@shaw.ca

(Monday) CHARITYScott Wengi:      swengi@squamishvalleygolf.com

(Monday) JUVENILEHilary Fisher & Don Dorosh: hilafish@shaw.ca   dondorosh@shaw.ca

(Tuesday) LADIES– Janice Hainer:  peachesinbc@gmail.com

(Wednesday) MEN– Hal Hughson & Don Dorosh: hhughson@telus.net or dondorosh@shaw.ca

(Thursday) MIXEDHilary Fisher:  hilafish@shaw.ca

(Friday) SOCIALKen Taylortaylorkm@telus.net 

(Tue, Wed, Thur) SENIORSBill Rempel:       wlrempel@shaw.ca

(Monday) Juvenile  Hilary Fisher & Don Dorosh: hilafish@shaw.ca   or dondorosh@shaw.ca

(Wed) Kids Rock JoAnne Otto & Eleanor Bowcockrwotto2008@yahoo.com or bowcock2@telus.net